WORKMINES Get Paid To Watch Online Video

WORKMINES Get Paid To Watch Online Video Adverts

Workmines is an online video content portal owned by Time4Work Global Inc  that allows users like you to Earn Cash by driving traffic to Online Videos. Basically Workmines allows you to get paid to Watch,Share & Subscribe to Online videos. Since 2017 Workmines has partnered with great companies looking to share their brands with our members allowing users and advertisers to generate traffic on either Regular Videos, Youtube Videos or even Youtube Subscriptions.      

      Workmines started its operations in Latvia in 2017. At the moment we have a centralised our Operations from Riga, Latvia. We also have a small commercial team in Malaysia and operational leadership in Luxemburg, taking the Workmines vision worldwide.  

     As we test and adopt new advertising technologies we seek to expand to most parts of the world with special focus on developing markets we are con-currently in the process of vetting several Local partners for our new Markets. Once the vetting process is completed all our users shall be notified on the local partners available in their country.

    Workmines being a Pay Per Impression site advertisers will pay based on the number of impressions they get on their videos. And you are paid based on the number of video impressions you make per day on those videos. Basically the more the views & traffic a video gets the more the impressions.

What Is Workmines?

Workmines calls itself an online traffic acquisition agency. It promises to connect Advertisers to targeted Audience groups. In other words, Workmines drives viewers to video ads and social media accounts.

The advertisers pay Workmines for the views and ‘like’s of their materials on social media – Youtube, Facebook and others. Workmines pays the members and keeps its fee for connecting the two sides. Sounds like a legitimate intermediary business, right?